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after care

At Lorudu Hairdressing, the aftercare guidelines for coloured hair and hair extensions we provide should be followed implicitly in order to sustain the longevity of your hair.

After Care Guidelines

Follow the Lorudu Hairdressing Aftercare guide to keep your hair and hair extensions in the best condition and to prevent damage to your natural hair.

General Hair Care

A healthy hair care routine is key, especially for salon-quality coloured hair; following the Lorudu hair care guide will keep your locks shiny and healthy.

Brushing and Styling

Brush your hair using the brush provided in your aftercare pack; this brush is designed to reduce matting and allows you to brush without damaging the bonds. Gently brush through the ends by holding the mid-lengths; once the ends have been made tangle-free, you may start to brush at the root area. Make sure you do this thoroughly morning and night.

Never backcomb the hair extensions at this will cause them to mat; this can be quite difficult to comb out once they have been backcombed. You may use styling products on the extension hair, but please take care when applying then and that you don’t get the product on the bonds as this will cause them to slide out. Take care when using straighteners and other heated appliances by making sure that you avoid direct contact with the bonds as the heat will cause them to stick together.

Washing and Drying Your Hair Extensions

After the application, allow 24 hours before you wash your hair. Brush hair before washing, using the brush provided in your aftercare pack to remove any tangles, then separate each extension from one other with your fingers. Only wash your hair with the shampoo provided in your aftercare pack; failing to do so could cause the bonds to soften and break down.
Since the extension hair does not get any nourishment from the natural oils from your scalp, you must keep it well moisturised by using a good quality conditioner, the one which Lorna recommends. Never apply conditioner to the bonds as this will result in them breaking down, losing hair strands and eventually sliding out. Only apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

After washing, blot the hair with a towel to remove the excess water. Do not rub the hair with the towel, as this may cause the hair to tangle. Dry your hair immediately after washing; if the bonds are left damp, they can soften and break down. Start by drying the bonds and the root area until completely dry. Flick between a cool and medium heat setting on the hairdryer; never switch to hot heat, or the bonds will melt.


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