All about hair colouring and maintenance

If hair colouring is your jam or you are in the mood for some experiment, you need not think twice about reading this content. Here, we will give you details on the exclusive hair colouring method, which will help you decide what’s best for your hair. Also, if you are not happy with the way your hair colour has turned out, you can have a look at Lorudu, where they provide professional hair colouring along with colour correction assistance.

The speciality about Lorudu and what makes it stand out from the rest is that they use only olaplex hair treatment or damage defy for hair colouring to prevent hair damage. With that said, let’s explore further into this technique which is available on qualified platforms like Lorudu.

Professional’s choice: Balayage

If you are trend-conscious, you must be aware of Balayage. Although Balayage hair caught attention in 2014, it is still trending and looks like its ‘hair’ to stay. Balayage hair colouring technique requires no foil and is hand-painted directly on the hair to give it a more natural blend.

Balayage hair looks effortless and is easier to maintain than traditional highlights. There are different types of balayage such as tweed, cool brown, face-frame, root blur, golden peach, etc. A professional establishment like Lorudu provides various methods to create such looks depending on the hair type. All these factors explain how even celebrities couldn’t resist following this hair trend.

The Don’ts

Highlighting/colouring your hair should be well-thought to get the perfect look. Follow professional procedures like- avoid highlighting every six weeks due to lack of natural hair growth, which may cause hair breakage.

The Do’s

It is advisable to highlight and low-light your hair every twelve weeks for excellent looking hair. For full head and regrowth colour tints, apply toners, quasi, or semi/permanent colours every 4-6 weeks. Trim your hair to avoid split ends.

Colour Blend service

The colour blending services provided in hairdressing establishments as Lorudu comprises full head highlights for adding contour and depth to any hair. The highlights are applied in a way for seamless colour growth and last for three months. For root colour, there are various mix and gloss of different colours to enhance natural tones.

The secret of hair colour maintenance

Apart from using specific shampoo or serum, the main hero to protect your hair is olaplex treatment. The treatment will prolong and restore the bonds in hair due to damages caused by hair experiments like straightening and colouring, etc. The Olaplex treatment results in rich, shiny and long-lasting hair colour. You can take this treatment before, during and after colouring your hair.


‘Beauty is Pain’, an old saying which doesn’t imply today as hair specialists like Lorudu have come up with methods and services to ensure the best quality service with no damage. To know more about other services and price range, visit their website. So fellow hair lovers, loosen up and go crazy with your hair.