Hair Extension Re-Tipping

Hair extensions have become a trend in recent years. Many people are not only interested in hair extensions but re-tipping of the hair extensions as well. There are different types of re-tipping methods such as nail tip, micro tip, flat tip, and Nano tip. However, the most popular ones are Nano tipping and micro tipping. Professionals like Lorudu use different tipping materials like Italian Keratin, Polyamide, and Memory Glue.

You can also unite your hair extensions with extra added colours, which will give your hair a better glowing effect and dashing look with the proper ratio of a mixture of colours.

Time and process

Re-tipping of hair extensions can generally be done in about one or two days. But if there is an additional modification required, like fitting your hair extension with rings, then it might take a little bit of extra time than usual.
Before sending a hair extension for re-tipping, it is essential for the customer to clean the hair bundle with shampoo and conditioner perfectly. This will ensure that the hair will look better and last much longer after re-tipping. If you don’t properly clean the hair, the re-tipping may take longer, and they may also charge you more than usual.
The European hair extension re-tipping
In hair extensions, double drawn hair and Eastern European hair extension are great choices. It is also the most used hair extension worldwide, especially for blonde hair, mostly hand-blended/hand-bonded with no weaves.


There are different lengths of hair available for ethically sourced hair. The micro hair extensions are available in six inches to twenty-two inches. And the Tape hair extensions are available in lengths of ten inches, sixteen inches, and twenty inches.

Types of hair extensions

The luxury hair extension is available for those who want to experience better hair quality and longer extensions with a higher guarantee of long-lasting hair. But of course, the word ‘luxury hair’ also comes with a better price tag.

Micro ring
The Micro ring hair extension is the most common type of ring extension. It is perfect for people with thick hair. The additional hair is clamped with the original hair with a micro ring in this type of extension.

Rapture rapid
Another common type of hair extension re-tipping is the Rapture Rapid hair extension. These hair extensions are the cheapest type of hair extension, and they can be done within two hours. Although it is affordable and easier to produce, this type of hair extension lasts for only about two months.

Benefits of hair extension re-tipping

  • Hair extension re-tipping has a lot of benefits, some of which are:
  • The cost of hair extension re-tipping is very reasonable.
  • If the condition of the hair is still good, you can use it again.
  • It can last for a couple of months.
  • It is the perfect way to look elegant and stylish.
  • It can instantly make your hair longer and give more volume.
  • It can also add colour to your natural hair.

In addition, a hair extension can cover up a bad haircut. Moreover, many professional salons also provide hair integration for post-chemotherapy, alopecia, female pattern baldness, etc. Thus, hair extension re-tipping is a great way to enhance your look and feel more confident.