Hair extensions: Breaking the myth of hair loss

To all the hair lovers out there, here’s a question. What makes your hair stand out or sometimes cover up the bad haircuts? Hair extensions! Yes, also known as hair weaves, it is an amalgamation of artificial hair to add volume and length and also help in hair integration for alopecia or post-chemotherapy. You can glue, sew or clip them to the human head by adding extra synthetic or human hair.

But the matter of concern is the assumption on how hair extensions can lead to hair loss. The statement is partially true as it depends on the quality and skill of how hair weaves are attached. What breaks these myths is Lorudu Hairdressing, a specialist in hair extensions with various exclusive hair weaves method like tape hair extensions, hand-bonded extensions, etc. Lorudu makes sure that any hair looks beautiful but not at the cost of hair loss. To witness such techniques, let’s keep reading!

Types of hair weave services

1. Micro rings with pre-bonded Hair Weave
To apply Micro Rings, you need stick tip hair/pre-bonded extensions as they are fantastic for ending shedding and are more resistant. You require mini micro rings to fix the hair to your’s and attach it with the help of a plier. The technique uses loose hair for glueing the extensions and has various glue options like polyamide, memory glue, or Italian keratin. The materials used in this method are strong and guarantees the least hair loss.

2. Rapture Rapid Hair weave
These budget-friendly Rapture Rapid hair weaves are easy to apply. The tapes will last 6-8 weeks, and the hair’s service life is 12 months if properly maintained. This technique is very exclusive, and celebrities love it too.

3. Bonded Hair Weave
Loose hair is necessary for bonded hair weaves, and a small quantity of non-toxic resin application to the specific root. The wax is twisted on the natural hair in a cylindrical shape, creating the bond. This way, the bond is sealed and waterproof.

Getting the right hair extensions

All the hair used for hair weaves methods are loose and individually hand-blended. The bonded hair weaves are created during the client’s presence to meet the needs and have the correct matching colour extensions. Lorudu, in particular, uses only Russian/Eastern European hair as they are of the finest quality and blends perfectly with their 15 years old trusted method.

Cost of hair extensions

The cost differs depending on the kind of hair extensions you wish for. In Lorudu, the price range starts from £200-£1100, which is very reasonable knowing that they deal with 100% natural fine quality hair.


Never shy from experimenting with hair extensions. Do not forget to check if the extensions are 100% natural hair, looks natural and is safe. Find the best hair extension services like Lorudu, whose primary service is hair extensions. Pay a visit as they provide consultation, and you will walk out with bouncy hair and no hair loss.