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Medical Hair Loss

Lorudu Hairdressing offers bespoke Medical Hair Loss services for people who have lost their hair or have thinning hair for any number of reasons. Lorna is a hair extension specialist who has been trained by one of the UK’s leading Tricologists, Iain Sallis.

Experiencing Medical Hair Loss?

Hair extensions are not just for fashion and cosmetic purposes. If you have thinning hair, or you’ve lost your hair for whatever reason, at Lorudu Hairdressing, our medical hair loss extensions will give you a great boost in confidence. The bonded hair extensions method is suitable for clients who have lost or suffer from thinning hair.

Whether you are Post Chemotherapy, have Androgenetic Alopecia, Female Pattern Baldness, or Telogen Effluvium, our individual extensions are applied to the natural hair in exactly the same way, Lorudu Hairdressing will just use a lot less hair and a much smaller bond. Applying extensions in this way means that it is completely safe without adding stress to your existing hair.

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Medical Hair Loss Consultation

At Lorudu Hairdressing, Lorna will recommend the most suitable and effective method of applying extensions based on your hair loss condition and your individual requirements. I take pride in my medical hair loss service and have helped many people along the way with getting their confidence back. If you are considering hair extensions because of medical hair loss, you can book a consultation at Lorudu Hairdressing.

The consultation will include discussing your requirements, your lifestyle, your medical background and your hair history. I only use 100% natural human hair with hair extension applications, which is of the highest quality. I will always provide a thorough consultation service, as it enables me to understand the needs of my clients and what treatments you would like.

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