Olaplex and Kerastraight

Are you looking for healthier, shinier hair with no weaves and without using tape hair extensions? If so, the Olaplex and Kerastraight treatment from Lorudu is your answer. These treatments help in rebuilding your damaged hair and repair the broken molecules in your hair. Also, it makes your hair much stronger and thicker, making your natural hair look like double drawn hair.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between Olaplex and Kerastraight treatment and learn how to use these treatments.
Difference between Olaplex and Kerastraight


The Olaplex treatment is required if your hair is damaged due to excessive use of chemicals such as hair dyes and bleaches. The Olaplex treatment rebuilds the damaged molecules in the capillary fibers in the hair, making your hair stronger and shinier.

If you notice extreme hair fall in your hair, it is because of the damaged molecular fibers in your hair. It makes your hair weaker, and the internal bonding of your hair breaks down. Have you ever seen your damaged hair at a microscopic level? It looks like a chain in your hair is broken or missing. The treatment of Olaplex will fill in all those damaged gaps and repair your molecular bonding from inside.

After using Olaplex, you will notice much smoother hair, and your hair fall will reduce while brushing your hair.


The Kerastraight treatment will put an end to the frizzy looks in your hair and replenish the exterior looks of your hair. It nourishes the hair by making it much silkier and makes the hair astonishingly shining. You can do this treatment with ease, and you can notice the change by applying it just once.
You can apply the Kerastraight treatment to any ethically sourced hair. It fills the damaged part of the hair by filling it with protein which helps in reducing frizz and gives you much healthy and straightened shiny hair.

How to use Olaplex?

The treatment of Olaplex includes three different types of stages, and so, it is highly recommended to get it done in a salon by trained professionals.
In the first two bottles, the formula needs to be applied to the hair before using the bleach or dye. This will help mix the formula with the dye or bleach thoroughly, giving a much better effect on the hair.

You can do the final stage of Olaplex treatment at home. You will have to mix your final formula with distilled water and apply it regularly for at least two weeks.

How to use Kerastraight?

The application of keratin is very easy; you can do it in a regular bath itself. You have to apply it and wash it off after a few minutes, then after your hair is dried, use a straightening iron. To accomplish the best results, continue the same process every three months.

To sum up, Olaplex and Kerastraight treatment are great for damaged and unhealthy hair due to the excessive use of chemicals in the hair. It gives volume to your natural hair without any hand-bonded hair extensions. Thus, these treatments will make your hair smoother and shinier, giving your hair a stunning look.