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At Lorudu Hairdressing, I offer a hair extension re-tipping service, which allows me to provide my clients with the most natural-looking and high-quality extensions.


Lorudu Hairdressing offers a fast, reliable and professional service in all aspects of hair extension re-tipping. If you are sending the salon hair extensions that are already individually tipped, please let me know your preferred tipping method; I will never presume you require the same method. Please make sure you call the salon on 01925 550440 before sending out the hair.

Please ensure the hair is washed and dried; the old tip will be removed and re-tip applied using a product of choice which shapes and sets perfectly for reapplication. If you have a preferred size and weight, I can match a close as possible; otherwise, I will create popular small and neat tips.

Hair extension retipping service in Warrington

Consultation service

I will always provide a thorough consultation service, where my clients can sit down and talk me through their requirements. This enables me to understand your needs and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your hair. As a result, for hair extension clients, you will be invited back for a complimentary two-week check-up, ensuring you are satisfied with your hair extensions and that you are following our aftercare guidelines correctly.

Any changes to your extensions can be done on this appointment, free of charge. Any changes to your extensions after your two weeks check-up will be chargeable.

Our Other Services

Micro Rings and Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-bonded or Stick Tip hair extensions are what I use during Micro Ring applications; this is the recommended method for people with thicker hair.

Bonded, Micro Bond, Fusion Bond

Bonded hair extension application includes a small amount of resin and 100% non-toxic polymer material, which is applied to the tip of the root area of the extension.

Rapture Rapid Exclusive to Lorudu

Rapture Rapid tape hair extensions are perfect for a one-off if you’re on a budget. Tapes can be easily applied, usually within 2 hours for a full head and will last for six to eight weeks.

Consultations at Lorudu Hairdressing

Lorudu Hairdressing Consultations include discussing many things with you, such as your requirements, lifestyle, medical background, and hair history. I will always provide a thorough consultation service, as it enables me to understand the needs of my clients and what styling, colours or treatments you would like.